zaterdag 18 januari 2014

Bienvenue Libéria randonneuse (reprise)

Here 's my 1959 Libéria randonneur after having repainted the frame. A few posts back I mentioned the reason for the makeover.

But every downside has an upside: now I had the opportunity to put bar end shifters on, and retro Velo Orange cable covers. They fit just fine!

I was lucky to do my second maiden trip on a dry day. It doesn 't sound spectacular, but the moment I mounted the bike, it just did what it had to do: it just drove without any malfunction. Just as it did before the makeover.

I went to see a friend of mine, who is a brocanteur and also a bike collector. He recently bought a Rochet randonneur that I will be restauring the next few weeks.  
Of course, the Libéria is nothing compared to a beautiful woman!

On the steps of the Antwerp Court of Justice. Or, as we call it, "de frietzak" (the pack of french fries).

Velo Orange cable kit. Lovely!

Campagnola bar end shifters.

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