woensdag 5 februari 2014

Coffee in Vilvoorde (90km)

A free Monday and a cold dry day. What more can a man ask for at the beginning of February?

I took my Libéria out for a long ride to Vilvoorde (near Brussels). I did so by following the network of nodes (in Dutch it 's called 'knooppuntennetwerk'). More than half of Belgian is covered by tiny markings beside mostly quiet roads and single tracks. 
One can set a route online following the consecutive numbers without having to buy road maps. The signs look like this:

There was enough wind for a parasailor to lift off. Unfortunately it came from where I was headed.

Dead end!

The city of Boom skyline.

Nice work! No, not the grafitti on the wall!

Difficult to find, but there still are a few quiet roads in Flanders.

Posing at a water mill.

Grimbergen Abbey. Do you know the famous beer?

Cappucino and a Geraardsbergen regional speciality: a mattentaart. There 's no translation for this pie.
Securely locked and never out of (my) sight.
Gravel track along the river Zenne, wich used to be the open sewer for Brussels. Now it 's in a much better state. 

Bridges over the river Rupel for slow traffic.

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